Actor Bio

16-06-01 Georgie M-05-0124Georgie Matthews is an ambitious young actress from Berkshire. She performs in theatre, TIE, musicals, films and music videos. A number of her films have been shortlisted in film festivals, including “Mary No More” in the Aesthetica Film Festival and “The Check Out” in the Colchester Film Festival. Being involved in theatre from a young age, Georgie has been working professionally in the film and theatre industry for a few years now. Her passion and commitment has only grown in recent years and her list of aspirations as well as achievements is only growing. As well as acting, Georgie also pursues writing, directing and modelling. Georgie is fun, hard-working and passionate about her career.

Spotlight PIN: 5165-0191-2691

Bases in Berkshire, London and Norwich.

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